The LEAP has arrived!

IMAG0427 IMAG0426

This thing is tiny!!!  Very tiny!  I was a little surprised.  It has programming SDK’s for Windows and Mac OSX.  No Linux as of yet…I might have to work on that.


Interactive LED boards w/ IR LED light pen

Leap is giving me a free motion controller!!!

So I was very busy for the holidays and barely checked my email.  After the first of the year, I started to play catchup, and lo and behold, I had an email from Leap, makers of a new interactive motion controller the size of a soap bar.

I signed up as a developer for this device over a year ago, and here it is!  So they sent an email saying as soon as i confirm my address, I get a free developer unit and access to the developer forums and SDK.  I can’t wait to try it out…maybe I’ll mount it to a robot and use it as a vision sensor!

leap 1leap 2