I build things.  I take things apart.  One day, I might even make something cool.


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  1. hey Rod, could you send me the arduino code for the roborover (link is broken)… Mine just hit the ‘dissassemble’ point, MK802ii is currently building OpenCv under Gentoo with Eyetoy already streaming… I’ll be checking back with your blog in detail about the motor drive circuit, but may try simulating the IR as an alternative.

    • http://www.filedropper.com/glitcharduinocode

      the motor circuit can be a bit tricky. just be careful. you can’t un cut a wiretrace. also, the mk802ii isn’t powerful enough even running gentoo to do anything useful with opencv. maybe 2-3fps if even. turrible. but i have a gk802 that is a freescale imx6 quad core 1ghz per core. ubuntu 11.10 installed with gpu and vpu support. fully working. and opencv flies compared to the mk802. i used the mk802 for another project im about to drop a blog for. Its a 2.0 version of something called ‘They Lazyer’ by burns hudson. opencv cat tracker with cartesian mounted laser pointer…either way, ir tracking is also very rudimentary for obstacle avoidance which is what my robot uses now until mk gk802 opencv implementation is done. but perhaps the new leap motion controller would make a good tracking eye? look into it.

  2. Have mine running – mk802 providing a web page control and webcam feedback, pic for I/O controlling the h-bridge, and monitoring battery voltage.
    DC-DC converters are great things – especially at £8 for 5 from ebay!!.
    Did you use any of the roborover sensor circuitry on the main board? Mine’s blind at the moment apart from the webcam, and i’d like to use IR for charger location – I also have an i-Cybie which originally had an IR located ‘walk up charger’, and I hope to build one and use the same location technique.

    • i did not use any of the onboard circuit. i should tho. im sure there is a ton of useful, low voltage stuff on there. i use the IR sensor from the robots back as a sweep sensor out front now. that’s about it. it works for cases of ‘Nothing, Something to the left, something to the right, something on the left and right so go backwards and turn’. what os are you using? are you using opencv on the webcam yet? mind if i take a look at your code (html,HAL) for the webcam stuff? i wanted to implement this on mine but opted to start with the IR sweep sensor. now i’ve moved on the a opencv cat lazer project that works pretty well. smart thinking with the DC-DC battery monitor. i am implementing a rotating, sun tracking solar panel recharger for my rover. when his batter depletes, he rolls over to a bright light source and begins a charge cycle. if it is a window or the sun he’s charging from, the panel will move to follow. There are photos and a small writeup on my blog here somewhere.

  3. hi, long time since I last checked here :). Everything now on Github, btsimonh, including php for mjpeg-streamer redirect (so you only need one web port exposed) and for control redirect. OS is still gentoo on MK802ii, no opencv yet. Considering charger search now. Considering Android Phone and Bluetooth serial to control for additional sensors and economy (phones are cheaper than Android sticks!).
    Of the original circuit, i used the motor drivers and all IR. IR is interesting with a dual-level TX circuit, which allows for basic rangefinding – an innovative idea. I send different IR commands at different levels, and another one for the rear IR TX; then the three sensors know where and at what power the data came from.
    Another nice bit in the code is the IR TX/RX I added to UBW (Pic). UBW is really easy to use and adapt; the IR Rx ideas came from a project I did many years ago, and will receive a variety of IR types, and transmit any 38khz type.

  4. Very nice! I can’t wait until i have some time off to dig around yer code and see what you’ve come up with! Thanks for keeping the dialog going! It soooo easy to forget things on the interwebz.

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